Connecting Agrivoltaics Worldwide

AgriVoltaics Conference

In fall 2020, the first international conference on agrivoltaic systems took place under the theme »Launching Agrivoltaics Worldwide«. During the three-day online event, scientists shared their latest findings from the intersection of agrivoltaics with agronomy, photovoltaics, economics, policy, and social sciences.


The first agrivoltaics conference was initiated by a cooperation between Fraunhofer ISE, the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE) from France, and Conexio-PSE GmbH. Over 350 participants from nearly 40 countries from the research and industry sector as well as agricultural and photovoltaic associations shaped the event.

During the conference, up-to-date research results were presented in either oral lecture or poster sessions. A broad range of topics and vivid discussions revealed the dynamics with which the community is currently developing worldwide.

The results presented covered technical and economic as well as plant physiological and political aspects. Innovative types of PV constructions were shared, modeling and simulation concepts were demonstrated, shading effects on different crops were analyzed, and water management concepts were presented. A virtual tour also provided a detailed insight into a tracked agrivoltaic system in viticulture. Q&A sessions and virtual round tables provided space for discussions.

More information about the 2020 conference can be found on the AgriVoltaics Conference website.

Oral presentations


Building up on the success of AgriVoltaics2020, the expert conference will now be held annually. People, knowledge, and ideas will be continuously brought together to further strengthen the globally active community and to accelerate the development of the technology. We believe that a well-functioning international exchange is essential to the success of agrivoltaics.

AgriVoltaics2021 will take place from 14th to 16th of June under the motto »Connecting AgriVoltaics Worldwide«. It will be chaired by the Head of Group Agrivoltaics at Fraunhofer ISE, Max Trommsdorff. We are looking forward to exciting contributions and a lively exchange!

Registration and further information can be found on the AgriVoltaics Conference website.